Refresher training

Master class in pigments colouristics by "Beautiful face Forever"

Тренер: Julia Chebotareva

Our Advantages

  • The ability to synthesize the desired color by blending with the existing palette of monopigmental

  • A rich palette created with the color characteristics of the skin of the main groups of the population

  • Uniform elimination gradual disappearance of skin of all pigment particles over time

  • The uniform composition of pigment eliminate rapid settling of particles and drying of the pigment in use

  • High rate of penetration of the pigment particles the elements to quickly penetrate the skin during the procedure

  • Predictability of the behavior of color it is immediately clear which color is in the healing


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Managed to try out pigments for permanent makeup are totally different companies as they work as a wizard for a long time and have vast experience in this field. I can say that the compositions of the pigments Beautiful face is always very comfortable to work on different equipment and different techniques. Thank you for a good product!

Julia Demidova

Ease of use, security, and quality - three words that are more than characterize the pigments Beautiful face always. Now permanent makeup has become very beautiful. Thanks for a good product for specialists.

Elena Chicherina

As a master, with experience of over 19 years, I can say that before I was able to create the best work, as pigments on the market, and of the highest quality there is. A beautiful face always fixed the situation. For the leading masters created the best!

Yulia Chebotareva

I want to share with you a little secret of his perfect work. Not long ago, I switched to pigments Beautiful face always! This is the best that ever was! And no more transitions of color, stains and other imperfections! These pigments help to create on the faces of the clients are real masterpieces!

Anna Alekseeva

I had great experience. I have learned a lot of things. It’s a big support for me. As well. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Benito Armalyn


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2 April 2021


15 January 2019

Model "EVA" makeup device by "Beautiful Face Forever"

15 January 2019

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Work results

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23 October 2017

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